Senior Character Concept Artist


We are #Opus and we strive to inspire the world to create and experience interactive content on a scale like never before. Our unique proprietary technology turns literary text into living breathing metaverses within the blink of an eye. As a company, we value creativity, pioneering, passion, determination, learning, and teamwork. We mean things like acting with curiosity, speaking up with original ideas, and committing to each other as one team.

And we want you to join us!

We are currently looking for a Senior Character Concept Artist to create artwork for our upcoming projects! In this role, you will define or work within a specific art style to craft high quality characters and creatures. Artist must also have a proficiency making props, accessories, and environments.

The character concept artist role requires a strong sense of creative & visual aesthetics. Working closely with the other teams, you must demonstrate you can be forward thinking and turn an exciting gameplay experience into an awesome visual experience!

You will be responsible for:

  • Craft visual concepts for characters, props, and accessories
  • Provide initial ideas rapidly with rough illustrations and thumbnails, quickly moving through the ideation process
  • Work within or establish different types of style, including styles set by other artists or art directors
  • Work to establish and modify complex character customization systems
  • Execute fully realized and rendered characters and creatures

If you're interested you'll need these skills or experiences:

  • Have expertise in illustrating characters, props, and environmental pieces in different settings (Sci-fi, fantasy, modern, etc.)
  • Very strong traditional illustration abilities in a variety of media, as well as strong knowledge of human and animal anatomy
  • Comfortable receiving or giving critiques
  • Strong grasp of color theory, line, light and shadow and how these influence mood and focal points
  • Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills
  • Ability to balance technical function, aesthetics, and creativity
  • Ability to develop within design constraints and turn those restrictions into exciting visuals that improve the experience
  • Strong understanding of content creation from start to finish. Creating concept images, spec sheets and call outs for content artists, level artists, and animators to build from
  • Willingness to mentor team members
  • Be aware of ongoing trends and pop culture and have the ability to make your deliverables relatable to the masses
  • Be passionate about literary fiction, movies and games and experience them regularly!


Competitive salary based on experience and skills.

About Opus:

OpusAI Inc is one-of-a-kind US based entertainment content creator and distributor. Our proprietary technology turn literary text into high-fidelity living breathing worlds in the blink of an eye. We have an open and flexible culture that is always evolving. We place strong emphasis on productivity with minimal processes and accelerated personal and professional growth.


  • This is an on-site opportunity in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • This opportunity does not cater to third-party, recruiters, remote or freelancers.

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